Transforming The Global Health Ecosystem To Achieve UHC BY 2030

UHC-DM: A Partnership of Sovereign
Sustainability Development & Arcadier Group

In response to tackling the fundamental problem of "access" in the health care industry, Sovereign Sustainability & Development (SSD) and Arcadier Group have partnered to create the UHC-DM. A collection of health care related marketplaces in order help to achieve targets under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

creating partnerships to overcome the challenges of procurement, and create better access in the market through digitization. Use of marketplace technology in particular has proven to better enable discovery, access and efficient procurement capabilities.

Challenges Facing Global Health Community

Fundamental Problem of Access


Inaccurate demand forecasting Invarentory Stock-Out Creating channels for suppliers Manufacturer capacity constraints


No bargaining power Insufficient capital No access to new innovation financing


Non-compliance to regulations No vetting of supplier and products Too many counterfeit drugs


Poor/incomplete information Lack of selection available Poor Supply Chain

Why We Need UHC-DM

Transforming the Future of Health Coverage by providing Access to Efficient
Procurement, Integrated Logistics & Innovative Financing

The Sustainable Development Goal 3 of Universal Health Coverage requires access to affordable, high quality medicines, diagnostics health technologies and vaccines. This can only be achieved through lowcost, reliable, efficient and resilient procurement and supply chain systems

Professor Dr Rifat Atun

Professor of Global Health Systems,
Harvard University, Member of the Executive
Management Team of The Global Fund

The delivery of universal health coverage has never been so important. Access to vaccines, medicines, diagnostics and medical devices at the point of need is critical, if we want to tackle infectious and chronic disease. The UHCDMP fills a gap that has, until now, significantly inhibited countries from strengthening their health systems

Elmar Brok

Member of European Parliament

As we see today, national economies are being damaged because of the lack of preparedness for a global pandemic. An essential element in dramatically improving resilience of health systems and security to avoid a future pandemic is the ability to have access to the diagnostics and medicines at an affordable price and delivered promptly to the point of need. I believe that this unique UHCDMP, is essential to all countries around the world.

Alan Donnelly

Executive Chairman of Sovereign
Sustainability & Development, Patron of the
G20 Health & Development Partnership,
Member of European Parliament(1989-2000)

UHC-DM Ecosystem enables health care buyers and sellers to transaction digitally, efficiently & effectively

Why Participate Or Create a Health Care Procurement Marketplace with UHC-DM?

Speed to Deployment



Comprehensive & Configurable solution

Low Cost to

Fit for

Benefits to Suppliers, Donor & Partners

Healthcare related suppliers, donors & partners can join UHC-DM Database and gain access to buyers across all UHD-DM operated digital marketplaces

Potential Buyers Include:
  • Governments
  • Statutory Agencies
  • Major Heathcare NGOs
  • Private Sector Healthcare Networks
  • Private Sector Organisations
Become a supplier, donor & partner on the UHC-DM Marketplace
Join the UHC-DM Marketplace

Benefits to Healthcare networks

Government and Healthcare related networks can create their own private labelled procurement digital marketplaces to enhance access.

Digital Marketplace can:
  • Benefit from UHC-DM network of suppliers
  • Be while-labelled, setup and operated afforadably
  • Leverage deep technology know-how of the UHCDM partnerships
  • Access capabilities such as financing and supply chain
Deploy your own branded version of the UHC-DM marketplace for your own organisational needs
Become a Marketplace Operator

"Digital technology has an obvious and crucial role to play in achieving universal health coverage. To achieve such a lofty goal requires technology companies like Arcadier, to form innovative partnerships with organisations across the value chain of public and private health. There is no panacea for tackling the challenges we face in achieving universal health coverage, but I believe collaborative ecosystems across many partners and technologies are needed if we’re to succeed."

Dinuke Ranasinghe

Chief Executive Officer

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