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The Universal Health Coverage - Digital Marketplace (UHC-DM) is a private online marketplace ecosystem that tackles the fundamental problem of ‘access’. UHC-DM does this by enabling buyers and suppliers to engage transparently for the purpose of procuring medical supplies such as drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, medical devices and consumables.

The UHC-DM ecosystem combines an online marketplace platform for selling and purchasing medical products, with supply chain management tools, logistics and financing capabilities. It is designed to support multiple stakeholders throughout the value chain, from buyers, suppliers and donors to service providers.


UHC-DM aims to empower buyers and suppliers by addressing the current inefficiencies experienced during procurement. The platform allows for a variety of procurement flows, from spot purchasing to pooled procurement, as well as access to different financing and support options.

These different purchasing flows empower buyers to purchase in real-time addressing inefficiencies of time and cost associated with standard LTA practices, or partake in aggregated buyer demand enabling them to benefit from larger volume discounts typically not available to smaller buyers. Similarly, suppliers are empowered to more accurately forecast buyer demand and production requirements, creating a more efficient production and sales cycle.


A trusted environment is created by having all users (both buyers and suppliers) pre-vetted by the UHC-DM team. Suppliers specifically go through a risk-based screening and due diligence process before they are listed on the marketplace, which includes company registration verification, director investigations, anti-slavery compliance, and checks against global sanctions list. Additionally, all products go through a vetting and certification verification process.

UHC-DM focuses on offering a holistic experience and as such also provides support services, such as product and compliance vetting, general operations, technical support and training. Additionally, our wide ecosystem of partners are able to provide services including but not limited to finance and logistics, banking services, insurance, test certification and security compliance.


By leveraging proprietary marketplace technology and integrated partnerships, UHC-DM is able to combat the fundamental problem of access by increasing the availability, accessibility, affordability and acceptability of medical supplies.

For any enquiries regarding Universal Health Coverage - Digital Marketplace, please contact us at info@uhcdm.com.