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MedSourceHub (MSH) is a centralised online B2B marketplace platform that facilitates the sourcing and distribution of medical supplies related to COVID-19. The marketplace focuses on medical consumables, equipment and diagnostic test kits, primarily targeting private sector organisations, hospitals and non-governmental organisations with their demand needs.

MSH was created in direct response to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We currently work directly with suppliers and buyers globally to enable simplified transactions for both by reducing challenges of discovery, language barriers, long negotiation periods and cumbersome shipping logistics.


Due to the current market situation, trusted medical supplies with verifiable certification and transparent pricing are difficult to come by. MedSourceHub understands this issue and aims to diminish these barriers by pre-vetting all suppliers and products listed on MedSourceHub’s marketplace.

We aim to ensure a certain level of supplier security, from company legitimacy to financial ability. Currently, our suppliers include Fortune 500 companies from countries such as Singapore, China and Indonesia amongst others. All suppliers on MedSourceHub go through a risk-based screening and due diligence process before they are listed on the marketplace. This includes company registration verification, director investigations, anti-slavery compliance, checks against global sanctions list and product certification verification.


MSH hopes to help private and public organisations, such as hospitality chains, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, retailers, NGOs essential supplies needed in the global fight against COVID-19.

For any enquiries regarding MedSourceHub, please contact us at info@medsourcehub.com