About UHC-DM Partnership

In response to tackling the fundamental problem of "access", Sovereign Sustainability & Development (SSD) and Arcadier have partnered to create the UHC-DM Partnership which comprises of a collection of health care related digital marketplaces in order to achieve targets under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 17. This partnership aims to help countries and agencies overcome the challenges of procurement, and create better access in the market.

This partnership brings together a major healthcare advocacy organisation that ensures all G20 countries are coordinating their health innovation strategy, the G20 Health & Development Partnership and Arcadier, a world’s leading digital marketplace technology service provider to enable digital transformation of the procurement processes in healthcare.

About Sovereign Sustainability Development (SSD)

Sovereign Sustainability & Development (SSD), is a UK private limited company, established in 2017 to act as the convener and secretariat of the G20 Health and Development Partnership.

This allows global health entities to transform their operations to become more efficient in their procurement, donor funding tracking mechanisms and the access to innovative finance that will help to close the funding gaps that exist in the health sector to combat rising challenges posed by emerging challenges such as antimicrobial resistances and new pandemic outbreaks.

About Arcadier Group

Established in 2013, Arcadier Group is an award-winning technology company. Specialising in digital marketplaces, Arcadier Group enables public and private sector organisations to create marketplace ecosystems for greater collaboration between stakeholders, and for supply chain transparency, real-time procurement, innovative financing, and new market access.

Committed to social impact and the delivery of the UN SDGs, Arcadier Group, a Participant of the UN Global Compact, has created a social impact programme targeting the health sector

Meet the UHC-DM Team

Alan Donnelly

- SSD -

Hatice Kücük

- SSD -

Jonothon Donnelly

- SSD -

Dinuke Ranasinghe

Chief Executive Officer

- Arcadier -

Gary Ramsell

Chief Commercial Officer

- Arcadier -

Paul Cascun

Chief Technology Officer

- Arcadier -

Kenneth Low

Chief Operating Officer

- Arcadier -

June Boo

Chief Strategist

- Arcadier -

Strategic Advisor Group

Dr. Rifat Atun

Dr. Atif Ansar